Frequently Ask Question

When will the next round of TreasureBox Minting begin?

There will be a 30 minutes break in between rounds before the TreasureBoxes are unboxed. After the unboxing,
the following round will begin immediately.

Are NFTs Transferable?

All MetaTreasure NFTs are transferable between wallet addresses, you will be able to resell your NFT with the rewards unclaimed at your preferred sales price.

MetaTreasure will not be able to be responsible for any scam between sales of NFTs. It is your own responsibility to make proper verification before proceeding with your purchase. 

When will the TreasureBoxes be unboxed?

All TreasureBoxes will be unboxed 30 minutes after the round ends. The TreasureBoxes will ONLY

Will I still be able to use my MetaTreasure NFT after redeeming my rewards?

No, all redeemed NFTs will be burned. This is to prevent reward winners from participating in multiple reward benefits