MetaTreasure has also implemented an Annual Common Prize Pool reward system. In this Annual Common Prize Pool, a grand sum of 30,000 USD will be up for hunters to grab. This reward will only occur once every 3 completed rounds of our MetaTreasure Collectibles.

After every 3rd round, hunters must accumulate a set of 3 NFT ending with either an Odd or Even number digital Token ID from individual rounds. Meaning hunters will need to collect 3 Common NFT from 3 different rounds based on either an Odd or Even number set. Once all 3 are matched hunters will be entitled to the Annual Common Prize Pool based on a first come first served basis.

Another interesting point to note is that the prize pool will be split equally among all goal achievers,with a max cap of 100 slots available. Meaning if there are 100 total hunters to achieve the goal, the prize pool will be split among 100 hunters. However, if there were only 10 hunters who achieve this goal, then each hunter will receive a whopping 3,000 USD; a tenth of the prize pool!