After every round there will be a Round Common Prize Pool, to be shared among 80 lucky hunters. A total of 13,214 USDT from each round will be allocated for this round common prize pool.

The prize winners will be selected by random based on the common NFT digital reference
number which is assigned to every individual NFTs. All common MetaTreasure NFT holders
will have a fair and equal chance at winning our Round Common Prize Pool. We will be utilizing Chainlink, a blockchain-based decentralized randomizer to help generated the winners, this will ensure fairness in all winners without any modifications or interference to the data. 

1st Place     888 USDT
2nd Place    488 USDT
3rd Place    288 USDT 

Special       150 USDT for 77 lucky MetaTreasure Holders

May the odds ever be in your favour hunters! Letʼs go out and hunt for more treasures!