MetaTreasure Introduction

What Do We Do MetaTreasure is an NFT collection lifetime membership where treasure hunters are able to collect rare collectible NFTs from our TreasureBoxes. The ultimate membership experience is here, with MetaTreasure we are able to bridge the up and coming NFT blockchain technology and real life benefits. All MetaTreasure hunters will be able to […]

How to Mint

First visit and click the Launch button at the top right corner of the website. You will be taken to our dapp page which will require you to connect your wallet to proceed. For veteran blockchain users, you may be already familiar with MetaMask, if not here are some steps to setup a new […]

How to claim Rewards

Congratulations! You have unboxed an NFT with a special reward! How do we determine if an NFT is entitled to a reward claim? With MetaTreasure any NFT thatʼs uncommon and above will beentitled to claim a reward! So how do you claim your rewards? Simply go to our dapp site and connect your wallet. Once […]

Round Common Prize Pool

After every round there will be a Round Common Prize Pool, to be shared among 80 lucky hunters. A total of 13,214 USDT from each round will be allocated for this round common prize pool. The prize winners will be selected by random based on the common NFT digital referencenumber which is assigned to every […]

Annual Common Prize Pool

MetaTreasure has also implemented an Annual Common Prize Pool reward system. In this Annual Common Prize Pool, a grand sum of 30,000 USD will be up for hunters to grab. This reward will only occur once every 3 completed rounds of our MetaTreasure Collectibles. After every 3rd round, hunters must accumulate a set of 3 […]

MetaTreasure Affiliate Program

Have you ever heard the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work”? We believe in this saying and to help get the spirit of sharing rolling. We would like to Introduce our MetaTreasure Affiliate Program, to help grow the community and share the rewards with everyone! Hereʼs how it works: To not over-complicate things, MetaTreasure offers […]