How it Works

How to Mint

First visit and click the Launch button at the top right corner of the website. You will be taken to our dapp page which will require you to connect your wallet to proceed. For veteran blockchain users, you may be already familiar with MetaMask, if not here are some steps to setup a new MetaMask wallet.

Additionally you may also opt to use Token Pocket which are more new user friendly. Token Pocket does not require hunters to setup different networks and most popular blockchain networks are already programmed for hunters to switch between.

Once connect, hunters can navigate to the Mint tab and start minting new TreasureBoxes! As we are built on the BNB smart chain, hunters are require to use USDT or BUSD to mint their TreasureBoxes, if you are require a guide for acquiring said tokens, simply refer to this quick guide! Remember to use a referral link (if you have one) before minting as you may be able to receive potential airdrops in the future! Letʼs hurry and get hunting today!